Preparing your Car for Autumn

September marks the change in the season as we see the colours changing around us and the temperature starts to drop. This can also mean some changes on our roads, including slippery surfaces and poor visibility. It is therefore important to think about keeping yourself safe on the roads going into the Autumn and Winter months.

Here are some tips for ways you can prepare your car now for the months to come.

1. Keep some essential items in the car

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and all that! Keeping some helpful items close to hand could help to get you on the road when the elements set in, and can also come in handy should you run into some minor issues during your journey. This could include a basic tool kit, jump leads, ice scraper, and a jack.

It is also sensible to keep a ‘survival pack’ in the eventuality that you need to wait it out for help. Helpful items could be; blankets, hand warmers, torch, car phone charger, high vis vest, first aid kit and even some long shelf life food items such as energy bars. These should all keep you safe should you need to wait it out for help.

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2. Maintenance

It is a sensible time of year to be getting your car serviced, however if it is not due for a full service there are a few things you can do yourself to check your vehicle is prepared as much as possible and to save yourself some pennies, so you don’t have to fork out on a further service.

A tyre check is valuable to ensure your pressure and tread are correct and safe. It is advisable to change any tyres that have a tread of below 3mm to ensure a safe stopping distance, especially on tricky road surfaces.

Lights! We sometimes forget these until we get a polite flash from a passing vehicle. But ensuring you check your lights now before you need them will mean that you can feel assured that you are setting off safely on your journey.

Check your oil and brake fluid. It is also worth giving your car a thorough clean, inside and out. Ensuring your screen wash is topped up will help with those icy mornings as well as ensuring your windscreen is clean for when that low level sun sets in on your drive home.

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