Updated: Jan 13

Why buy a brand new vehicle when you can buy a vehicle which was previously classed as a Category N. Your probably wondering what is Cat N and what does it mean, we will get onto that shortly. After we have purchased a Catagory N vehicle we fix all the cosmetic damage then we will get it inspected by AutoLIGN Inspections, they are an approved HPI inspection company. Once the vehicle has passed the inspection they provide a certificate confirming that it is now classified as Condition Inspected which will then be on the HPI register. This means the vehicle has been repaired to OEM standards and is safe to return to the road in the hands of the new owner.

What is Category N and what does it mean?

When a vehicle has received any sort of damage due to theft, flood or fire, or accident, the owner of that vehicle will then make a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company will then review the damage to the vehicle in order to determine whether the cost of repair is worthwhile, if the cost of repairs is more than half the value of the vehicle then it will be ‘written off’. It is cheaper for them to do this.

In October 2017, any vehicles that has been deemed a write-off by an insurance company but does not have any structural damage has been classified as Category N. This is because despite the vehicles structural integrity being intact the repair costs would be considerably higher than the value of the vehicle itself.

Can a Category N vehicle be repaired?

As explained above because the vehicle will only have cosmetic damage and no structural damage this means the vehicle is repairable. This means repairing or replacing parts of the bodywork, so if you are fully qualified you could undertake the repairs yourself, the other option would be finding a trusted body shop.

Buying a recycled vehicle which was previously a Category N is savvy, as you get a road worthy vehicle for the fraction of the price as a second hand vehicle or brand new vehicle. It wouldn’t be savvy buying a Category N vehicle and plan to repair it your self if you are not qualified and don’t know what your doing.

Should you buy an accident-repaired vehicle?

When you are looking to purchase a second hand vehicle, Category N vehicles shouldn’t be ignored! If the vehicle is structurally sound and the cosmetic damage has been repaired to a high standard then there is nothing stopping you from buying a recycled vehicle. Just make sure you check if the vehicle you are planning to purchase has passed it’s inspection, and has moved from Category N to Condition inspected on the HPI register.

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