Snow, frost, and plummeting temperatures this winter can be very harsh on your car and could possibly cause paint work damage. There are things you should know which will help you protect your car from any possible damage, and I’m going to help you! Below are a few precautions you can take during these cold months…

Paint Work

Personally, I would firstly give your car an old fashioned clean then get paint protection. The conditions you are faced with on the roads in the winter are harsh to say the least, which makes it easy to chip and scratch your paint work. A basic clean with a bucket and sponge will get rid of contaminants that may be on your paint work for example tree sap and tar, this helps in preparation of adding paint protection.

Paint protection…. what is it you might be thinking, it is an extra coating that effectively seals the paint work. This protects your paint work from minor imperfections, chips, and scratches. Ceramic and Teflon coatings can be applied after a machine polish for max protection.

Alloys and wheels

Alloy gators and applying a wheel wax are both worth investing in this winter. Alloy gators will protect your alloys when slipping on black ice into curbs and grit bouncing up causing damage. Wheel wax will protect the actual wheels from mainly brake dust. As we all know the most important thing in the winter is your tyres, with dark nights and black ice it can be extremely dangerous, below are three things you need to check before braving the icy roads:

1 Check your tread, if they are within legal condition still consider replacing your tyres.

2 Tyre pressure, if one tyre drops in pressure then it can cause problems with breaking.

3 Wheel nuts, check they are tight enough and if not get them re torqued.

Service your car!

In the months leading up to winter I encourage you to go get a service on your car. Severe cold weather could potentially cause a lot of problems to your car and most of them could possibly be prevented with a service. A car service in general is advised as you’ll then be more likely to run your car throughout the year without having high expenses to pay on repairs.

If you need any more information or if you need a repair, simply get in touch using the contact details which are located above under the header ‘more’, we will be more than happy to help.

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