Customer Equi-Trek brought back to life

Our latest and first horsebox refurbishment arrived in our unit a few weeks ago.

Our customer wanted to replace a rotten side panel and seal the underneath of her treasured horsebox and asked if we could save it so she could continue to use it.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project and as you will see from the end result it's been a fabulous finish.

To quote our customers satisfaction on her Facebook post following the repair

"I absolutely love this trailer and all our horses travel so well in it. They are expensive to buy but the addition room at the front of the trailer means you don't have to loads your rugs, tack and 1001 other bits and bobs in your towing vehicle.

When it was serviced i was informed that it was in excellent condition however the near side wall had become spongy at the bottom due to damp and would therefore need replacing (a common issue).

A massive thanks to Hall Auto Cosmetic Repair for restoring it......Not only has it come home looking amazing, but the repair has made the side wall stronger. It's been resealed and waxed underneath to ensure it's watertight..."

Does your horsebox need some TLC? Bring it down to Hall Auto Cosmetic Repair Ltd.

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