Cosmetic repairs to your vehicles and why they should be addressed early

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Cars have as standard a certain level of rust protection in the paintwork. It protects the metal structure of the car from coming into contact with the elements.

When the car gets damaged by a scratch, chip or other cosmetic damage, the metal will be exposed to the air and will result in rusting. Over time this rust spot or area of rust will spread and continue to eat away at the metal which in some extreme cases may even structurally compromise the vehicle.

Ultimately, a small problem ignored will begin to create a much bigger and more costly problem. That’s not to mention will also devalue your vehicle. Ensuring you address any issues in your paintwork sooner rather than later will mean you protect your vehicle as well as making it cost effective for yourself.

Before cosmetic repair
After cosmetic repair

So get your vehicle repairs sorted today with us. We have a mobile service which can come to you to rectify the smaller repairs and for everything else, our body shop in Chesterton can assist.

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